anderson keeps trying to get revenue w/ tourism and i’m just 


what are we gonna tour?

"oh yes over here is our giant racist monument proclaiming that the south will rise again and if you go one block ahead you can buy some lovely home made crystal meth!"


group of people person is not a part of: please stop saying those things regarding us you don’t have any business to say these things because you’re not us

person: lmao but i’m from a similar group so it’s okay for me to be an asshole and speak out for everyone

group of people: no….it’s not

person: whatever you’re an idiot bye 


i want someone to watch me draw and be totally ok that it’s all garbage and show me what i’m doing wrong without being like other people have been in the past and acting like i’m doing stuff wrong b/c i’m dumb


like i just feel like there’s stigma regarding art on tumblr and deviantart that like

it can’t suck ever at all 

and i’m not saying i never made fun of someone’s art b/c i have in the past but it’s something i try really hard not to do no matter how bad someone oc’s or whatever is and it was a shitty thing to ever do but idk 

it’s like when i was on a forum once and i tried to start before i got a tablet and i had a bunch of people giving me shit about ‘why are you even posting this here it’s awful’ and ‘you can’t just post stuff if you’ve never taken art classes’ and ‘this looks so childish’ and it just makes me feel like shit which is stupid because it was years ago but that kind of shit just sticks with me

and it’s embarrassing b/c my shit does look childish and i know people make fun of people for that shit ‘oh they’re twenty and it looks like a kid drew it’ and it’s like

i never fucking drew when i was younger because i never had the patience. i was always more into writing. and i wanted to draw, a lot but it was always bad and i’ve basically had it instilled in me that because it’s terrible i should stop trying so i always did. 

and idk it’s like five am i’m just mad and upset because i don’t have the energy to draw when i want to because of this stupid fucking divorce of theirs and then when i do it comes out like shit and i just get mad about it and i’m mad that their stupid fucking divorce is making it so i don’t have the time or the energy to do shit i want to fucking do it’s not fair i wish they’d both just fucking die or something 


hAHAHA wow i can’t function jesus christ i love being reduced to tears over literally nothing


don’t fucking cuss at me because you’re fucking stupid and don’t understand when i fucking answer a question


fluctuating sexuality is awful sometimes because one day i can be like “aW YEAH PENISES”

and then the next day i just squint and i’m like “why are they so squishy and odd looking”


you’re not fucking helping someone by doing something they’ve repeatedly asked people not to do 

jesus christ how hard is this to understand what are we six 


i wasn’t put here to make friends and be happy i was made to be angry and leave a blazing trail of fire and destruction in my wake

i was here to burn everything to ash so it can be rebuilt anew 

i was here to break a corrupt system and cause ruin 

and god damn it i’m going to embrace that

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